Meet Amy

“A native of Tulelake, CA, I was fortunate enough to have been raised in a community that provided safety and access for me to pursue my dreams. After 14 years of living in Southern California, I returned and was made acutely aware of the harsh inequalities that exist in agricultural communities. I am at once aware of the incredible access that large cities afforded me, and of how improbable the same access and opportunities are to my peers back in my rural hometown. This dearth of access to quality education and healthcare for underrepresented communities compelled me to pursue my MBA; which resulted in: Tiny, Mighty, and Strong (TMS) 501c3. The organization will serve as the vehicle to help change opportunities and access for youth enrichment programs for all youth that reside in Southern Klamath County and Northern and Northern Modoc and Siskiyou County communities. As a native to the Basin, and Founder/President of TMS, I am eager to support all youth in our communities.”